Social Media Marketing

If just creating and managing an account on social media channels was enough, life would have been so much simpler. That was probably the case way back in 2012. Fun fact: many of these early adopters are now minting money as influencers on social media channels!!

Social media landscape has evolved overtime with increased user base, internet penetration and (more so) with companies & brands making use of these virtual spaces as active touch point with their customers. So with such increased noise how can a brand/company be heard??

The situation is made even more difficult for companies engaging in social media marketing by the constant changes in algorithms of these platforms. The organic reach of a Facebook page in 2012 was 16% of its fan base and today in 2018 it stands at less than 1%. Instagram too offers additional features to business accounts but at the cost of decreased organic reach. So before I get into claims of what all we can do for your company on social media here are a few things I have learnt with experience & would love for you to read:

  • Any website that allows internet users to share content, opinions, views, reviews, encourages interaction and community building is categorized as social media space. So, platforms like Reddit & Quora do qualify as social channels!
  • How you manage your social media accounts directly impacts your brand.
  • Facebook is still leading in terms of number of subscribers and as of now they are there to stay. FB is constantly coming up with interesting new ways to engage with your potential audience. So stay up to date!
  • Organic vs paid: Both are equally important, one cannot take sides. However campaigns which leave an impact are driven organically with support through advertising
  • Crowd sourced content or user generated content will get you maximum traction.

Basically social media marketing today needs to be done tastefully and carefully. Anything that a brand claims or says on the Internet impacts their online reputation. This consequence to an online action is more grave and serious in case of social media, as its “instant” in nature.

To make your organic campaigns successful we will not focus just on “Call to Action” but rather our efforts would be to give your potential audience a “Reason to Share”. Call to action will automatically get driven. This claim comes from our past experience.

Our team will work on your overall social media strategy:

  • Which channels to target
  • Strategy tailor-made for individual channels
  • Refined retargeting (not blatant on-your-face ads)
  • Work with varied content formats
  • And sooo much more (we can’t divulge everything on our website!!)

So, if you are looking for someone who would work with your company as their own, connect with us now!

If you want consulting and have a dedicated team who can handle the execution of the planned strategy; that’s even better. I would love to consult your company and train your staff so that they can effectively manage your social media handles.