Search Engine Optimization

This is the only form of digital marketing which comprises all the below points-

  • Purely organic in nature
  • No ad fatigue
  • Pull based marketing strategy
  • Higher chance of end conversion
  • Increases brand recall
  • Helps in online reputation management
  • Drives incremental results with time.

If the above reasons were not enough to get you excited about SEO, let me talk about some facts & figures to get you interested.

  • There are about 1.9bn websites in the world, of which almost 60% are inactive placeholder sites. Google estimates that 30% out of the remaining 40% active sites are fighting it out for supremacy and visibility on search platforms (so that is the scope!)
  • There are 5bn searches happening on just Goggle daily.
  • Google and other search engines constantly update their algorithms to give new sites a chance against old established players in search rankings.
  • You might have heard that “Content is King” but ensuring that search engines find, read and serve your content is equally important. Websites with SEO optimized blogs have 434% more indexed pages thereby increasing search visibility with almost the same percentage!

SEO is like a tree that you plant today, and with decent nurturing it serves you fruits for lifetime.

It will not give instant results but with the evolving and ever burgeoning nature of online searches, the long term digital marketing strategy of SEO is one of the most indispensable and sustainably rewarding marketing strategy.

So, if you need us to work on SEO for your website feel free to connect with us! We do NOT charge for consulting so why don’t you book a free consulting session and take it from there!