Paid Adversting

Paid advertising is a form of marketing/advertising wherein brands/companies pay the owner of ad space for the use of that space, to promote their product/services directly or indirectly. The price paid for the ad space is often settled through a bidding process between the ad runner and the ad space owner.

There are quite a few decisions one needs to take while planning a paid advertising campaign, commonly referred to as “PPC: Pay per click”. You have to analyse where your audience is present and select the right ad space, make engaging creative content & sooo much more. The bidding process involves constant monitoring; the ultimate aim is to make the campaign highly optimised i.e. to generate higher clicks at low costs.

Our expert consulting team can plan, create & execute a highly optimised campaign for your brand. How we do it is our secret but if you hire us as consultants we shall share the magic with you and even train your team to run optimised paid ad campaigns for your brand.