Email Marketing

Drip message marketing is the most effective way to accomplish lead nurturing and get final conversions. At every stage the way in which your potential customer interacts and engages with you will determine his/her stage in the lead nurturing process.

In my experience, email marketing campaigns have worked beautifully to get a customer from “Awareness” to “Action”.

  • We work with mainly Mailchimp ESP. In case you have your dedicated ESP setup we can work on that too.
  • Drip emails are continually sent over a specific timeline. Every such email comes from a chain of pre-written emails. They can be used to setup any particular process in a customer lifecycle or can map the entire customer journey on your website

We have a team of dedicated and experienced designers and developers who work on the design aspect of the email in PHP & HTML formats as per the requirement and preference of the client.

We scrub the email database every time an email is sent for any purpose.

Needless to say, all campaigns are supported with a detailed analytics report once the campaign is over.