What is TGIF-Webinars

A series of FREE webinars to get us all through this time with the help of knowledge. And moreover, the right amount of knowledge. The perfect balance between too much and too little information to help you and your business grow. Knowledge is power and that is precisely what we need right now to get through this time.

TGIF stands for Thank God It’s Free! So no card details or payment gateways, just a safe, dynamic, and positive environment where you can learn something new, productive and different every time. These Webinars are built to bridge the gap between anyone who wants to do well in their careers & experienced professionals who are flourishing in their fields, through tried and tested insights.


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What to expect?

Topics that will be covered in TGIF-Webinars be centred around but not limited to the following:

  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • The latest technology for business growth
  • How to expand or start a business
  • How to start your career
  • Growth hacks
  • Personal and professional growth in your existing job

 Who will be your Guru?

A panelist of entrepreneurs from different professional backgrounds who are successful in their respective fields will host the webinars. Each webinar will be unique and offer a different value proposition from standard marketing and business growth practices to niche topics like novel writing etc.

Who is it For?

These webinars are a perfect match for students, freelancers, professionals, entrepreneurs, business managers marketers, and people who just have a thirst of knowledge

Anyone and everyone will be benefiting out of these webinars as the topics are vast and conducted by experts. So spread this as much as you can as there may be a 100% chance that we have a webinar to cover your interests.