A Note to Students

The field of Digital Marketing has become just too vast and influential for anyone to escape its impact be they be a business, a marketing professional or even just an individual.


Brands are created and destroyed on social media.

Services and products are discovered and buried on search engines.

Old empires are challenged and new businesses prosper in the digital realm.


But even though this field is vast and all encompassing, navigating successfully through this is complex and not easy.

How do you, as an aspiring student, compete with more than 5lakh management graduates from more than 5000 institutions that India alone produces annually.

How do you, as an ambitious startup, compete in the third largest startup ecosystem in the world which is actually seeing a decline in the initial stage funding for startups.

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The Three Pillars


Duh! You might think this is a totally obvious point. But is it? Little knowledge is dangerous and too much knowledge can be a burden to execute. But the right amount of knowledge given in the correct form can enable you to conquer the world. And that’s our aim.


Kaam ki cheez sikhao; Gyaan nahi! That is the motto.

Practical tools/tricks/hacks/approach having real life and long sustaining impact on your endeavour.


Imagine a tutorial booklet that holds all the key instructions but lacks the order in which they are to be used. Pretty useless right! The course offers relevant frameworks that provide you the guidelines to chart your path using the tools and methods taught.

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What is TGIF-Webinars

A series of FREE webinars to get us all through this time with the help of knowledge. And moreover, the right amount of knowledge. The perfect balance between too much and too little information to help you and your business grow. Knowledge is power and that is precisely what we need right now to get through this time.

TGIF stands for Thank God It’s Free! So no card details or payment gateways, just a safe, dynamic, and positive environment where you can learn something new, productive and different every time. These Webinars are built to bridge the gap between anyone who wants to do well in their careers & experienced professionals who are flourishing in their fields, through tried and tested insights.