E-commerce is nothing but an online sales channel requiring the understanding of setting up the channel while complying with the digital nuances.
We have worked with established brands with all sizes of product portfolio and have set up their entire e-commerce sales channel.

Just setting up an e-commerce website is not the answer to generating online sales. In fact, that is the easy part. With amazing CMS portals like Shopify, Magento; it is now a lot easier to setup up your online shop. The difficult part is marketing the same; letting your potential customers know about your presence online. As the very idea behind setting up an online sales channel is to generate sales; we understand that anyone would expect ROI to move from low to favorable to amazing in the shortest span of time.

However, each product is unique and therefore our online sales channel setup strategy too is unique to a client’s requirement. It depends on quite a few factors:

  • Standalone store strategy (have an exclusive brand store)
  • Setting up an e-commerce ecosystem (launch & manage the brand’s products on established e-commerce channels like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc.)
  • Sales funnel setup with strategies at each level to ensure customer movement along the funnel and get final conversion
  • Advertising within the ecommerce portal (our team is an expert on Amazon ads)

My past experience with Flipkart combined with my team’s experience in this field is an asset that has helped us in servicing our clients well.

We would be absolutely thrilled to set up a successful and optimized ecommerce sales channel for your brand.