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The field of Digital Marketing has become just too vast and influential for anyone to escape its impact be they be a business, a marketing professional or even just an individual. Brands are created and destroyed on social media. Services and products are discovered and buried on search engines. Old empires are challenged and new businesses prosper in the digital realm.

If you are an aspiring professional you would be interested to know that 8 lakh jobs will be created in the field of digital marketing in the year 2018 alone. If you are an entrepreneur looking for areas to market your business effectively, then know that $135Billion is being spent globally on online advertising.

But even though this field is vast and all encompassing, How do you, as an aspiring student, compete with more than 5lakh management graduates from more than 5000 institutions that India alone produces annually.

How do you, as an ambitious startup, compete in the third largest startup ecosystem in the world which is actually seeing a decline in the initial stage funding for startups.

The answer is Knowledge. Knowledge of the myriad things that you can do online. The path that you take to reach your destination. And the tools and tricks that you use to successfully (and expeditiously) reach your goal.

The field of Digital Marketing is still nascent and ever changing. Indian institutes still do not have a grip on how to properly educate the students in this field. Either they do not have dedicated courses for the same and/or it is all theory which is of little help and gets outdated soon.

After leaving a highly lucrative corporate job, when I was starting my own journey as an individual consultant there were many online courses that I took. Some were good, some were average. But I always felt something missing. It was the hollow feeling that it is not tying up properly. The tools and the tips and the theories, they were all fragmented pieces. Thus this drove me to create my own course. Encapsulating my years of experience of learning and working with companies both nationally and internationally. Working with giant businesses having lakhs to spend but not knowing how to effectively and consulting various startups that were just looking for guidance in the right direction enabled me to chart a course that delivers what I think any budding professional and/or business required.

The Three Pillars


Duh! You might think this is a totally obvious point. But is it? Little knowledge is dangerous and too much knowledge can be a burden to execute. But the right amount of knowledge given in the correct form can enable you to conquer the world. And that’s our aim.


Kaam ki cheez sikhao; Gyaan nahi! That is the motto.

Practical tools/tricks/hacks/approach having real life and long sustaining impact on your endeavour.


Imagine a tutorial booklet that holds all the key instructions but lacks the order in which they are to be used. Pretty useless right! The course offers relevant frameworks that provide you the guidelines to chart your path using the tools and methods taught.

Students to Professionals

WHO is it for :

Aspiring students who want an edge in the field of digital marketing.

WHAT is it :

4 hours per week for 4 weeks. Each week to focus on a separte module of digital marketing.

HOW does it work :

The course is designed after consultation with various job creators, real life businesses and students themselves. It plugs the gaps that the mainstream education institutes have in the field of digital marketing and equips the students not only with theoretical knowledge to impress recruiters but also the practical tools that enable them to hit the ground running in their internship project and jobs.

Students to Professionals

The students not only with theoretical knowledge to impress recruiters but also the practical tools that enable them to hit the ground running in their internship project and jobs.


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WHO is it for :

Institutes, education groups and corporates.

WHAT is it :

A customised offline workshop designed as per the requirement of the group.

HOW does it work :

The content is curated according to a) the requirement of the group (e.g. Google Adwords, e-mail marketing, how to run and optimise FB paid campaigns etc.) and b) the time duration alocated. Great care is taken that the worksop is complete in itself and completely covers the topics inititated.

free webinar

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If you would want to sample the flavour of our blockbuster course, you can check out the awesome trailer that I have created in the shape of a free webinar.

The webinar shall embody the essence of all these salient features of the course. And I hate webinars that are just blah blah blah and end with a sign up form (believe me I have attended many). Time is as valuable as money and it is my endeavour that even the free webinars are an enriching experience for the students.


The sessions were very informative. All topics were relevant and she gave her experience to add which really helped me grasp the concepts. Also it was crisp and to the point. So really very helpful. I have learnt more from her session than in the corresponding subject classes.
Pooja Chopra
Student, MDI 2017-19